Thematic Area

Thematic Area

1.Youth participation in governance and peace-building:

The inclusion of youth in formal politics is important because in any political context fresh ideas and new leadership help to overcome bad governance malpractices and contribute to the development of the country. When youth are not engaged in decision-making processes, significant frustration is likely to rise and this can destabilize democratization and accelerate conflict dynamics. Youth should be active agents of change towards preventing and transforming violent conflicts. They must be taught of different ways of approaching conflict resolution and conflict transformation. Young people must understand the realities of inequality, rights and injustice in their societies and offer alternative ways of addressing those realities. An informed and empowered citizenry is a crucial component of growth, societal stability and wellbeing. Participation and inclusiveness is understood as, when all groups of people, insetting, participate in decision making and contribute to creating opportunities, share the benefits from them, in all aspects of life. The needs and opportunities and challenges facing the youth are concerns for the community. CVA aims at ensuring that issues are reflected in all sectors of national development and we seeks to promote youth participation in democratic and decision making processes as well as in Community

2. Youth Empowerment:

We will Empower young people and allow them the opportunity to take part in all decision making process. When young people become engaged in decision making activities, it develop their skills needed to become effective leaders and bring innovative solutions to the social problems in their communities. Empowering young people and engaging them in decision making activities, will allow them to interact with adults and have guidance as they develop the skills needed to make decisions and solve complex issues. Young people will increasingly become more comfortable with sharing ideas and suggestions because they now see themselves as vital members of the community. CVA activities in this regard will build the understanding of youth as agents of change and make communities understand young people as part of the solutions to the difficulties they face, not merely a problem to be resolved by others. CVA interventions will ensure that young people are embraced as a positive force for transformative change and major human resource for development.

3. Gender Inclusiveness and women Empowerment

The CVA underscores the needs to promote a gender parity society .We seek to promote gender equity and equality, including working to eliminate gender based violence.


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Citizen Voice and Actions (CVA) is a young led Organization which is operating in Rwanda with an aim to empower citizens to become active members of inclusive society in Rwanda and beyond. Guided by a vision of a society where citizens are fully engaged in achieving human sustainable development.