Our Projects

Our Projects

Engaging Youth to advocate for accountability and good governance
Engaging Youth to advocate for Accountability and Good Governance Project is a project implemented by CVA and Funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).The project aims to engage youth in the decision-making process and empower them to advocate for accountability and good governance. The organization will host monthly school debates to discuss governance and public policies that will accompany an awareness raising campaign on good governance. The Organization will host roundtables on including youth issues in national policies. Finally, they will host a capacity-building workshop for youth on advocacy skills, leadership, and reinforcing democratic principles. .
Promoting culture of debate and dialogue among Rwandan Youth

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Citizen Voice and Actions (CVA) is a young led Organization which is operating in Rwanda with an aim to empower citizens to become active members of inclusive society in Rwanda and beyond. Guided by a vision of a society where citizens are fully engaged in achieving human sustainable development.